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About The Village


Casino Road neighbors access resources, connect with their community, and meet their dreams and aspirations here.

The Village is a community center that is consistently centering our community in all dialogues and actions.


Be a place of empowerment, for education, to connect, for culture, for celebrations, to belong, to dream, to aspire.


  • Centering Social Justice and Anti-Racism
  • Inclusiveness and Collaboration
  • Restorative Practices
  • Multi-Generational Approaches
  • Trauma-Informed Approaches

how The Village Circle accomplishes it

We co-locate culturally responsive and community-based organizations in one convenient and welcoming location.

We intentionally build relationships and collaborate across a dozen organizations at the Village to coordinate responses.

We thoughtfully build relationships and collaborate with the youth and families in our community to ensure community ownership and leadership of everything that happens here.

We center social justice and build on anti-racist practices so that we may serve those who are furthest from justice in our community.

We create spaces (literally and figuratively!) for our community to experience joy, build relationships, celebrate culture, and engage in artistic expression.

ChildStrive (The Little Red School House)

In 1963, the Little Red School House was founded by local community members, parents, and the South Snohomish County Exchange Club. In 1988, expanded to Everett.

In 1998, ChildStrive bought the building in what is now The Village.

Decades before the Village, this space was a trusted gathering space for the Casino Road community. Owned and operated by the Little Red School House (now ChildStrive), what is now the Village on Casino Road, has a long history of hosting community-based organizations focused on serving families and young children. Many of those same organizations are still present at the Village today, and many more have been added! To this day, we still hear folks lovingly refer to this space as “Little Red.” Personally, we hope that never changes.

fun fact: first the Community Health Center owned the building, then Boeing, and now ChildStrive.

Pomegranate Center & Community Design

The Seattle-based Pomegranate Center has over 30 years of experience working alongside communities to design public gathering spaces. In April, 2018 we pulled together a community meeting for Casino Road residents to let us know what they wanted out of a future Community Hub. We asked them what a Community Hub would look like, feel like, and what people would do there. Over 125 people shared their feedback, generating 50 ideas.

Three days later, designers from the Pomegranate Center and our architects met for two all-day design workshops in which those 50 ideas collected at the community meeting were boiled down to themes and values and then interpreted into a conceptual design. Some common themes and activities that surfaced included:

  • A hub for empowerment (education, training, capacity building, etc.)
  • A social hub (space to hang out, drink coffee with a friend, socialize, etc.)
  • A resource hub (community navigators, computer lab, housing support, etc.)
  • A cultural hub (dance, art, music, cultural celebrations)

Actualizing the center

After receiving the “green light” from the community to move ahead with our plans, we entered into the long and arduous phase of design work, finding contractors, price estimating, and fundraising. In March of 2019, the architects finished the planning process and submitted the design documents to the City for permitting approval. We were approved!

New Community Center

Even though it didn’t yet look like the community center we’ve all been dreaming about, come January 2019 it was starting to be used as a community center. In order to encourage more of that use, the Community Foundation of Snohomish County began leasing an entire building from ChildStrive, who currently owns the facility and has been working very closely with Connect Casino Road to turn it into a community center. Since then, we’ve seen community use of the space increase dramatically. For the first time, families are holding birthday parties and baby showers here at the center. This was an important step towards making the Village a reality.


Construction on the Village occurred in 2 phases. The first phase began in August 2019, and the second phase began in November 2019. Construction was completed in March 2020, just days before the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

During Covid

Construction was completed in March 2020, just days before the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We monitored the Covid situation and state guidelines to offer our space to the public. Unfortunately, the restrictions continued to be extended as our country tried to get through this pandemic. We offered some virtual events, one on one appointments at The Village, and some basic needs on-site such as a food bank.

Painting Project

The Village started being used for hybrid events by The Village Circle partners as vaccination rose & restrictions were starting to ease. We were able to do a major painting project to the outside of the building with the help of community volunteers. The place has really come together since it was initially conceptualized.

Village Summer Carnival

The Village fully opened to the Casino Road community. Connect Casino Road and other partners hosted the first ever Village Summer Carnival with 300+ community members in attendance. There was food, music, activities, and – most importantly – an environment of togetherness among community members who had been largely isolated for two years.

Community Center classes/Now


The Community Center is busy with English classes, art workshops, Zumba fitness, community resource navigation, and more happening throughout the week! Stop by to learn about all that is being offered at The Village.

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average number of people who walk in to The Village & inquire about services every week

families helped by The Village Coordinator since the start of the pandemic


Madres De Casino Road

  • Food bank (March 2020-April 2021): served 10, 790 families (55,878 people)
  • Latino Youth Kitchen (March to June 2021) warm meals provided to: 1,973 individuals

Vaccine Clinic

150+ people vaccinated!


Classes Held

  • 10+ Financial Literacy
  • 75+ GED
  • 270+ ESL

Hot Meals

20,000+ warm meals provided to community members by ChildStrive in 2021!

Casino Road Kid Ministries

  • Book Mobile provided books to 80+ local children in 2022
  • Homework Club 2022: homework support and snacks to 22 children over the year so far

VOAWW Foodbank

Since starting summer 2020-2021:

  • Served over 7,000 families. Thats over 30,000 people!
  • Over 33,000 pounds of food distributed.
  • Over 3,000 households were provided with diapers.

The DACA Coalition

  • Has helped more than 150 community members with a free consultation.
  • Provided nearly $15,000 for 30 applicants in financial assistance to cover the $495 application fee.

Technology Training Program 2021

  • We serviced 56 families (equivalently 89 students)
  • 39.6% of families were serviced in Spanish
  • Issues addressed: Schoology 68.7%, Zoom 33.3%, Laptop/Hardware Issue 8.3%

Note: the sum is greater than 100% because more than one topic could be covered in a session (e.g., both Schoology and Zoom)


From Jan-July 2022, 36 households in the 98204 zipcode received financial assistance from Snohomish County with Federal ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds administered by ChildStrive staff.


July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022, 98204 zip code only:

  • 22 AFAR families received culturally & linguistically matched mental health counseling to promote secure attachment & family wellness
  • Nurse Family Partnership: 45 women received nurse home-visiting services to support their own health, & the health of their babies
  • Parents as Teachers: 15 families received home-visiting services to support their child’s learning, early relational health, & cope with family stressors


July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022, 98204 zip code only:

  • Early Supports for Infants & Toddler: 150 children received therapeutic home-visiting services to further their developmental progress
  • 24 Kaleidoscope Play and Learn Groups were held either at the Village on Casino Road while families could also watch virtually on ChildStrive’s Facebook page (9 groups), or held virtually prior to the groups going back in-person (15 groups)


July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022, 98204 zip code only:

  • 2 Spanish language Circle of Security Parenting Groups and 2 Spanish language PEPS groups for parents of young children met on Casino Road
  • Nurse Family Partnership: 48 women received nurse home-visiting services to support their own health, and the health of their babies
  • ECEAP Clever Sprouts Preschool: served about 40 families in the past year, the majority of these live in the Casino Road neighborhood
“My children and I have been a part of the Casino Road programs for over 10 years. We were part of a Little Red School House group called Nido where they held meetings for families of children birth to 5 years old so that families had a place to go to share, children had a place to play, and families that spoke Spanish could find information and resources.

For me, it was an opportunity for my children to find friends and for me to be able to talk with other adults. Sometimes having young children makes it difficult to find adults to talk to because you hardly have time. For me, it was a safe place and I liked it because it was in Spanish and other children were close in age to my children. We played, we sang, and we even ate because we took turns bringing bread, fruit. They gave us coffee. There we found friends who until now are part of our life and almost family. Even though my children are teenagers, we always remember those times. In 2010, in collaboration with ARC of Snohomish and Little Red, Padres Unidos was formed, a group for parents who spoke Spanish and who had a child with special needs to find support, resources, and guidance.

My family and I value family / togetherness / support / willingness to serve others / love.

What I value the most is support, because we have to help each other.

For me, knowing that I had a child with special needs was very hard but finding someone to advise me, guide me, with whom I could cry, laugh or receive recommendations from experts or other services was very encouraging and helped me a lot to be able to empower myself and be able to do the same for others later and be able to get to where I can now say I am much better.

I love to see how Casino Road has changed for the better. There is help for people who need food, want to get their GED / early childhood support, and classes in various things especially making everyone feel welcome for English / Spanish speakers. I think it’s a good start. I would like for other minorities/immigrants to feel the same way. Engage with other minorities who live on Casino Road and make welcome signs in their language so that they too can come in and feel supported.”

Sugely Sanchez